Protective scarf with a unique
anti-virus filter
Your scarf viratka

šatka viratka - efektívna ochrana proti vírusom

Unique filter as a part of protective neck scarf

Antiviral protective scarf – fashionable and elegant accessory for each activity. The technology of replaceable NanoMed CLEAN filters protects not only you but also your surroundings. The filters are unique thanks to the NANO fiber layer, AntiMicrobe Web R, which provides a high antiviral and antibacterial efficiency of 99.9% and at the same time very good breathability.

Sport, hiking and many other activities

Thanks to the built-in rubber band with plastic break the scarf fits the head properly even while running or any other sport activity.

Perfect in each detail

Flexible nose clip is covered with the foam which makes wearing a scarf very comfortable.

aktivity s viratkou

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NanoMed CLEAN filter – 10 pcs in a package


NanoMed CLEAN filter - 30 pcs in a package


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How the viratka works


    How the scarf works

    Viratka is a practical scarf and highly effective protection together. The scarf composition and replaceable filters from NANO fibers provides unique mechanical protection against viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, dust and exhaust gases.

    Clever and useful for each activity

    Elegant and effective accessory for sport activities such as cycling, running, hiking, walking or travelling.  Thanks to the flexible nose clip and the built-in rubber band with a plastic brake the scarf does not fall, does not push, adapts to the head.

    The unique composition of the filter ensures high antiviral and antibacterial protection and very good breathability at the same time.


    scarf – 88 % polyester, 12 % elastane

    How the filter works

    The scarf includes three pieces of replaceable filters with high antibacterial and antiviral efficiency 99,9 %. The filter consists of several layers of soft non-woven fabric and a nanofiber membrane AntiMicrobe Web R. The filter is disposable. Maximum time of efficiency is 12 hours.

    Nanofiber is 1000 times thinner than hair, invisible to the naked eye. The nanofiber membrane creates an certain “web” whose holes are smaller than the size of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, or other allergens, creating a protective barrier. The nanofiber membrane, which is one of the layers of the filter, has a tested capture of submicron particles (10-400 nm), so it is ideal for the capture of various viruses and bacteria.

    The unique composition of the filter provides very good breathability and high efficiency at the same time. Antibacterial and antiviral efficiency has been tested and confirmed by Nelson Laboratories, USA.

    EasY Fix and replace of the filter ensures maximum protection for a few cents a day

    The NanoMed CLEAN filter does not lose efficiency even through gradual moistuirizing (with exhaled water vapours) unlike ordinary disposable masks and filters. The filtration of standard masks works on the principle of an electrostatic charge which attracts impurities and prevents their penetration through the mask. Through the gradual moistening and exhaling the efficiency gradually decreases (loss of the electrostatic charge).

    The NanoMed CLEAN filter ensures stable and long lasting protection without losing their functionality  thanks the layer of nanofiber, the efficiency is double-sided. At the same time protects you and your surroundings as well.


    97 % polypropylene, 3 % nanofiber PVDF

    How to change filter

    • Turn the scarf over. Open the filter bag. Unclip the filter.
    • Extract old filter.
    • Insert a new filter. Attach the filter with the knobs so that it does not move.
    • Close the pocket. Turn the scarf over.


    The scarf  viratka has antiviral and antibacterial efficiency only by using of the NanoMed CLEAN filter.
    The scarf is only aesthetic accessory without the filter inserted. The manufacturer (distributor) does not accept direct or indirect liability for damages caused by incorrect application, or application of not suitable material.

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